How to Make Reading Fun: 10 Game-Changing Parenting Hacks

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Wondering how to make reading fun? It’s easy with these simple parenting hacks! 

Reading is an essential life skill that kids should practice at home daily. But, as parents and caregivers, we know that’s easier said than done. Many kids, especially struggling readers, avoid reading - especially if social media or video games are an option. Therefore, the best way to promote reading at home is to make it fun. But the challenge is how to make reading fun for kids. Don’t worry; we’re here to help with DIY parenting hacks designed to make reading exciting and educational.

Ready to learn how to make reading fun at home? Here are our game-changing parenting hacks.

What is a parenting hack?

Before we share our mind-blowing parenting hacks for how to make reading fun for children, you might be wondering - what is a parenting hack, exactly? Let’s take a look.

PARENTING HACK MEANING: A parenting hack is a simple and effective strategy that parents can use to make daily tasks easier, solve common parenting challenges, help achieve goals, reduce stress, or foster better behavior and learning in children.

For example, here’s a parenting hack you can use to help your child put their shoes on.

  • Cut a sticker in half (preferably one with an image of their favorite animal, character, etc.). Then, put half in each shoe so the sticker halves align correctly when the shoes are on the right feet! 

Now that you know what parenting hacks are, let’s explore our game-changing ways to make reading fun!

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10 Parenting Hacks for How to Make Reading Fun for Kids

These ten parenting hacks will help you make reading fun and ensure your child's reading materials are educational.

1. Find stories that have all the characteristics of a good children’s book.

Not all kid’s books are created equal - some are fun but not helpful, while others are educational but dull to read. Therefore, knowing what makes a good children’s book is the key to understanding how to make reading fun and educational. 

Use our list of the top 10 characteristics of a good children’s book to provide your child with story options that are both interesting and educational - What Makes a Good Children’s Book.

2. Use the 5 finger rule to pick “just right books.”

The 5-Finger Rule is a quick and easy parenting hack for finding a book that’s “just right” for your child. 

Choosing “just right books” is essential for several reasons. Most importantly, choosing a “just right” book will make reading fun for your child. That’s because a book that’s too difficult to read will be frustrating, and a book that’s too easy will be boring. But a “just right” book will be enjoyable and educational!

3. Help your child find a book they’ll love.

Once you know what makes a good book and how to choose a “just right book,” you can help your child find a story that’s perfect for them. Provide your child with a list of fun and educational story options and allow them to choose (if possible).

Keep in mind that this parenting hack for how to make reading fun for kids relies on your child’s involvement. It’s important that your child is involved in choosing the books they read because kids (and people in general) are more likely to enjoy something when they have a say in it! 

Need some story ideas? Booka has hundreds of stories, with something for all ages and interests. Here are some book lists to help you find stories perfect for your child.

4. Solve the problem of how to make reading fun for children with read along books.

Read aloud books (or read along books) are a great way to make reading fun. They provide a more interactive reading experience and help improve vocabulary, comprehension, and even attention span! 

But remember, choosing the right read-along for your child is vital. Doing so will ensure they experience all the benefits these books offer.

To find the right read along, download a kid’s reading app like Booka. Apps like Booka offer an endless supply of fun read along stories that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Most importantly, these apps provide a wide selection of stories that include professional narration and vibrant illustrations - for an engaging and educational experience. As a result, these books will capture your child’s attention, help develop early literacy skills, and promote a love of reading.

To learn more about read aloud books, and to explore the best read alouds for different ages and levels, check out the following articles.

5. Complete pre-reading activities to boost comprehension.

If you’re wondering how to make reading fun AND more educational, pre-reading activities are a must. These simple and fun activities will help your child prepare for the material they’re about to read. As a result of this preparation, they’ll get more out of the book. For instance, pre-reading activities can help your child better comprehend what they read, enhance their vocabulary, and even increase their reading confidence.

Here are some great pre-reading activities (and helpful reading comprehension parenting hacks) to try at home - Pre-Reading Activities.

6. Use fun decodable books to reinforce phonic rules.

Phonics rules are the building blocks of literacy and are essential for every child to know. One of the best ways to teach phonics rules is with decodable books. 

Decodable books help children learn and practice phonics patterns in a fun, engaging way. Thus, not only will decodable books help you make reading fun, but they’ll also ensure that what your child is reading is helping them develop essential reading skills.

Check out our list of the best decodable books for kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and beyond - Best Decodable Books.

7. Use games and activities.

Everyone loves games and activities - especially kids. So, what better way to make reading fun at home? 

Not sure how to make reading fun for kids with games and activities? Here are some ideas.

  • Set up a reading challenge for kids. Note: this parenting hack will also keep your children busy for hours!
  • Try out these reading comprehension games and activities - Reading Comprehension Activities.
  • Use activities like an “Alphabet Scavenger Hunt” to promote emergent literacy skills. Learn how to set up an “Alphabet Scavenger Hunt” and other emergent literacy games here - Emergent Literacy Activities.
  • Play English reading games with your child to help with English reading skills. Alternatively, seek out recommended English reading practice books. For a list of games and suggested English reading books, check out this article - English Reading Practice for Kids.
  • Teach phonics at home with the help of these fun phonics activities - Teaching Phonics Activities.

8. Look for stories that teach a lesson.

Reading children's books with moral lessons is also a great way to make reading fun. Not only will children find books like this more interesting, but they’ll also learn valuable lessons while practicing their reading skills.

Discover a list of the best children's story books with moral lessons here - Books About Life Lessons.

9. Make reading special.

By making reading special, you can ensure your child sees it as a fun activity - and something to look forward to. As a result, they’ll want to read often and will be more likely to develop a love of reading!

Here are some tips for how to make reading fun and special at home.

  • Create a reading nook or fort.
  • Read together.
  • Have family reading time.
  • Schedule daily reading times (e.g., bedtime reading)

10. Download a reading app for kids to make reading more fun and interactive.

A reading app is one of the best (and easiest) ways to make reading fun and educational. Kid’s reading apps like Booka are designed to make reading fun and interactive with special features like “swipe to learn” and personalized libraries. In addition, reading apps provide your child with access to hundreds of stories, including read aloud books that offer 24/7 support with reading practice - even when you aren’t available.

PRO TIP: If you’re wondering how to make reading fun for struggling readers, children’s reading apps are also a great tool.

For more parenting hacks to help reluctant and struggling readers, check out this article - How to Encourage Reluctant Readers.

Now that you’re equipped with a list of the best parenting hacks to make reading fun, you might be wondering - why is it necessary to know how to make reading fun for kids? Here’s what you need to know.

Father and Mother use parenting hacks to make reading fun at home

Why is it important to know how to make reading fun?

Scientific studies have shown that making reading fun for kids is essential for boosting literacy skills and promoting academic success. In fact, according to the UK Department for Education, reading for fun has a strong, positive correlation with literacy. In other words, children who enjoy reading are more likely to have better literacy skills, which can lead to personal and educational success. 

Thus, knowing how to make reading fun is the key to preparing your child for personal and academic success.

The Ultimate Parenting Hack to Make Reading Fun at Home - Booka

The Booka reading app for kids is the ultimate tool for making reading fun at home! But how does Booka make reading fun (and more educational)?

  • Interactive interface - Booka’s interactive design allows kids to “swipe” through topics of interest to find books they’ll love.

  • Wide selection of books - The Booka reading app for kids includes stories for all ages, reading levels, and interests. So, no matter what topics, characters, places, or things your child is interested in - Booka has a story for it!

  • Personalized selection of books - the Booka Reads feature automatically generates a feed of picture books based on your child’s interests, so you (and your child) can quickly find the perfect story.

  • Instant access to hundreds of stories - Booka offers 24/7 instant access to hundreds of books, all at the touch of a button.

  • Read aloud feature - the Booka Read To Me feature lets your child listen to professionally narrated books while they follow along with the words - for a more fun, interactive, and educational experience!

P.S. Don’t miss out on the educational content on our website. Check out our blog for the best parenting hacks and reading resources!

Download the Booka app today to make reading more fun and educational for your children!

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