The 10 Best Read Aloud Books for Kindergarten Kids

Read aloud books for kindergarten help promote early literacy skills in a fun and exciting manner. As a parent, understanding the value of read along books and how to use these tools can enrich your child’s learning experience. 

Professionally narrated read aloud books for kindergarten combine text and voice to bring stories to life in a captivating manner. For young minds, this offers a unique blend of learning and entertainment. Thus providing a bridge between passive listening and active reading and promoting the development of comprehension and early literacy skills. 

In this article, we will discuss the importance of kindergarten read aloud books and tips for how to choose the best read aloud stories. Plus, we will provide a list of the best read aloud books for kindergarten kids. Our goal with this article is to help parents foster literacy skills and a lifelong love for reading!

Why are read aloud books important in kindergarten?

Read along books are essential in kindergarten because they serve as a foundational tool for early literacy development

In kindergarten, children are beginning to understand the relationship between spoken and written words. Kindergarten read aloud books make this connection tangible and expose kindergarteners to the rhythms of language and the nuances of pronunciation. They also help children learn new vocabulary and sentence structure. Moreover, read aloud books for kindergarten can stimulate the imagination and help children learn about the exciting world around them. As a result, these books can foster a lifelong love for reading!

Listening to a book read aloud also builds listening comprehension skills, an often overlooked but essential component of early literacy.

Benefits of Read Aloud Books for Kindergarten Kids

There are many benefits of read along books, especially stories that are professionally narrated. Some of the most significant advantages include:

Promoting Listening Skills

Kindergarten read alouds encourage children to listen actively. This hones their listening skills, teaching them to focus, understand, and recall information presented audibly.

Fostering Emotional and Empathetic Development

In kindergarten read aloud books, professional narrators convey emotions effectively using varied voice modulations. This helps children recognize and understand feelings, nurturing emotional intelligence and empathy.

Exposing Children to Diverse Voices

Professionally narrated read aloud books for kindergarten often feature a range of voices and accents. This exposure broadens children's understanding of linguistic diversity and introduces them to different cultures and ways of speaking.

Catering to Different Learning Styles

Every child is unique, and so is their learning style. Read aloud books for kindergarten cater to visual and auditory learners, ensuring both types of learners have the chance to develop essential literacy skills.

Supporting Kindergarteners with Reading Challenges

For children who face reading challenges or are slower in picking up reading skills, kindergarten read aloud books provide a supportive environment. Kindergarteners can follow the text while listening, making the reading process less daunting and more enjoyable.

Does your child have difficulty reading? Learn how you can help - How to Help a Child with Reading Difficulties.

Providing Flexibility and Accessibility

Kindergarten read aloud books can be accessed on various devices, from tablets to smartphones. So, whether at home, in school, or on the go, children can immerse themselves in stories anytime, anywhere.

Tips for Choosing the Right Read Aloud Books for Kindergarteners

Wondering - what makes for a great kindergarten read aloud book?

With so many options available, it can be challenging to know how to choose the right kindergarten read alouds. So, to help you choose read along stories that provide the best learning experience, we’ve put together this list of features.

What makes for great read aloud books for kindergarten kids?

Here's what makes a great kindergarten read aloud book.

  • Engaging Storyline - a read along story should captivate your children's attention and spark their imagination. For kindergartens, choose books with storylines that are more complex, encouraging them to think and engage with the story.

  • Relatable Content - good read aloud books for kindergarten include relatable themes and language that aligns with comprehension level. Most importantly, the read along book should explore a topic your child is interested in.

  • Clear and Captivating Narration - narration can make or break the read aloud experience. So, opt for books with clear, articulate, and engaging narration that captures the essence of the story and holds your child's attention.

  • Sound Effects - sound effects can enhance your kindergartener's experience by adding depth to the narration, making the story more immersive, and creating a captivating learning experience.

  • Rich Vocabulary - opt for books that introduce new words in a fun and engaging way. This will help your kindergartener build a rich vocabulary and benefit their academic journey.

  • Repetitive Phrases - kindergarten read aloud books with repetitive phrases help kids predict what’s coming next and encourage them to join in the reading.

  • Colorful Illustrations - look for read aloud books for kindergarten that include vibrant images that complement the text.

  • Cultural and Linguistic Diversity - look for books with stories from diverse cultures and read alouds narrated in various accents. This will broaden your child's understanding of the world and introduce them to linguistic nuances.

  • Moral Lessons - read to me books that impart moral lessons offer a great way to nurture a kindergartener's understanding of good values and principles.

Looking for a list of meaningful children’s books? Check out these children's books with moral lessons.

By focusing on these features, parents can ensure that they select the best read aloud books for kindergarten kids.

How long should kindergarten read aloud books be?

Kindergarten read aloud books should typically be short, ranging from 12 to 20 minutes. It's essential to keep the content manageable and engaging to maintain your child's interest. This duration aligns with the attention span of kindergarten-aged children.

10 Best Read Aloud Books for Kindergarten

Below is a list of our top ten favorite kindergarten read aloud books. These books incorporate professional narration and educational aspects to provide an engaging learning experience.

1. Roary The Lion

Author: Rory H. Mather

Illustrator: Patrick Corrigan

“Roary the Lion” is a tale of self-discovery and friendship that your kindergartener will love! 

Children follow along in Roary's quest to find his roar with the help of his jungle friends. Despite his struggles, Roary's journey is filled with laughter and camaraderie. 

This kindergarten read aloud incorporates rhyming text and vibrant illustrations that will captivate young readers. “Roary the Lion” also highlights educational themes, including friendship, problem-solving, self-discovery, and individuality. As a result, “Roary the Lion” is one of the best read aloud books for kindergarten kids.

2. The Lost Mermaid

Author: Juliana O'Neill

Illustrator: Kaytlin Parise

"The Lost Mermaid" is a simple yet enchanting tale that encourages a lifelong love of reading.

This kindergarten read aloud book follows a mermaid's adventure through a kelp maze. 

Designed for early readers, "The Lost Mermaid" uses sight words and repetition to help build reading confidence.

3. The Zebra Said Shhh

Author: M. R. Nelson

Illustrator: Tamia Sheldon

“The Zebra Said Shhh” is a calming bedtime story that will help with your child’s nighttime routine.


In this read aloud book for kindergarten kids, a weary zebra seeks rest while the other zoo animals play. Throughout the story, readers join in helping Zebra hush the lively creatures, ensuring a peaceful slumber for all!

4. The Magic Words

Author: Anna Prokos

Illustrator: Hector Borlasca

“The Magic Words” is a meaningful story every kindergartener will love.

In this kindergarten read aloud book, children follow Old Scruff. Old Scruff learns that manners matter when two clever cats show him that saying "please" and "thank you" is the trick to freeing himself from pesky fleas. 

This tale teaches kindergarteners the power of respect and polite words.

5. How to Catch a Bear Who Loves to Read

Authors: Juliana Léveillé-Trudel, Andrew Katz

Illustrator: Joseph Sherman

“How to Catch a Bear Who Loves to Read” is a fun and heartwarming tale of friendship.

Kindergarteners follow along as Julia goes on a quest to find a bear friend that she can play with and hug. She tries using honey and blueberries - but to no avail. Soon, she learns that it takes more than treats to attract a bear.

As one of the best read aloud books for kindergarten, children will identify with the story’s spirited young book-lover! Best of all, they will experience the power and joys of friendship.

6. Crocs Don't Do Yoga

Author: Michelle Wilson

Illustrator: Catherine Surovova

“Crocs Don’t Do Yoga” explores the concepts of encouragement, bravery, and staying calm - even in the face of setbacks.

In this kindergarten read aloud book, children follow Connie the crocodile. Connie's temper flares easily, often sending Constant Creek's residents into hiding. But, one day, an unexpected friend introduced her to yoga. Will Connie embrace the calm of yoga and transform her snappy ways?

7. The Runner King

Author: Jeff Dinardo

Illustrator: Jui Ishida

“The Runner King” is a story about an evil king who steals money from his people. One day, a young girl named Pearl visits the kingdom. She sees how poor the people are and wants to help them outsmart the king. Will they outwit him and make the kingdom a better place?

“The Runner King” is one of our favorite read aloud books for kindergarten because it explores the power of teamwork and the importance of good nutrition.

8. Olive and Charlotte

Author: Laurie Friedman

Illustrator: Asma Enayeh

In this delightful kindergarten read aloud, we meet two princesses: Charlotte and Olive. Charlotte is the epitome of perfection, and Olive is - simply herself. Olive tries to mirror her sister's impeccable image. Yet, despite how hard she tries, Olive can't quite match up.

The tale unfolds as Olive embarks on a heartfelt quest for self-acceptance. With each page, readers will find themselves rooting for the lovable Olive. But will she find her own way to shine beside her sister? 

This charming kindergarten read aloud book celebrates the journey of finding one's brilliance amidst the shadows of comparison.

9. Squirrel & Bear Take to the Air

Author: Patrick Brooks

Illustrator: Patrick Brooks

Squirrel gazes upward, envying the birds' graceful flight. He has a dream - to join them in the sky. But Squirrel’s family has doubts and insists he let go of this impossible wish. But Squirrel is determined. Then, along comes Bear, a friend who believes in him. Together, they embark on a quest to defy expectations. 

"Squirrel and Bear Take to the Air" is one of the best read aloud books for kindergarten. This tale explores hope, friendship, and the courage to pursue one's dreams against all odds.

10. Go Green!

Author: Alissa Jo McGough

Illustrator: Leslie Breen Withrow

"Go Green!" is an engaging book that teaches children the significance of environmental stewardship through the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle. 

In this fun story, a quirky bug shares fascinating facts about the environment, recycling, and our impact on the earth.

This read aloud book for kindergarten kids combines bold illustrations and lively sound effects to captivate young learners. Best of all, it offers fun and practical ways for kids to understand and contribute to preserving the earth. As a result, "Go Green!" is an excellent resource for nurturing eco-conscious kids.

Where can I find read aloud books for kindergarteners?

Looking for kindergarten read aloud books for your child? Here are some of the best places to find read along stories for kindergarten kids.

  1. Reading Apps for Kids - reading apps, like Booka, offer a curated collection of read along books designed specifically for young readers. Most importantly, reading apps like Booka provide engaging and educational kindergarten stories read aloud with professional narration - for the best possible learning experience.
  2. Local Libraries - many public libraries also have a dedicated children's section with various read aloud books suitable for kindergarteners.
  3. Online Bookstores - websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Booktopia, Exclusive Books, etc. sell a wide range of read along books for children.


Kindergarten read aloud books are great because they promote early literacy development. They do this by exposing kids to the rhythms of language, proper pronunciation, new vocabulary, and sentence structure. In addition, read aloud books for kindergarten stimulate imagination, teach children about the world, promote listening comprehension skills, and encourage a lifelong love for reading!

When choosing a read aloud book for your kindergartener, look for stories that will capture your child’s attention. Most importantly, choose books with professional narration to ensure an optimal learning experience!

10 of the best books for kindergarten kids include:

  • Roary The Lion
  • The Lost Mermaid
  • The Zebra Said Shhh
  • The Magic Words
  • How to Catch a Bear Who Loves to Read
  • Crocs Don't Do Yoga
  • The Runner King
  • Olive and Charlotte
  • Squirrel & Bear Take to the Air
  • Go Green!

Want access to these read aloud books for kindergarten kids, plus hundreds more for children of all ages? Check out the Booka reading app for kids.

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