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Book app for kids

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Anything a child might ever want to learn about themselves and the world they will find in our books. They are not some dull textbooks, but exciting, vibrant stories that will make your child’s first learning experience effortless and fun.

With our help, young readers aged 0-9 years will:

  • Learn their first words
  • Master the alphabet, understand numbers and learn to count
  • Discover the natural world, animals, sciences, and space
  • Learn to navigate in different environments and situation, be it in a big city, at home, school or a kindergarten
  • Immerse themselves in the world of classic fairy tales

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Thanks to an intuitive interface, parental control, and restricted in-app purchases, your child will have an unforgettable reading and learning experience.

Icon Unique Collecions


The books in our app are divided by interests, while a special system of personal recommendations will allow the young scholar to read one book after another, full of exciting discoveries and helpful information.

Icon Early Reading


We educate children through fun and engaging books – the text is easy to follow and the content is understandable for young learners and beginner readers.

Our catalog

Booka Originals books are made exclusively for our app. Hundreds of books were gathered, edited, and illustrated by our team. Current, well-written and originally illustrated digital publications that your child will surely enjoy.

  • Book for Kids Rabbit
  • Book for kids planet
  • Book for kids Emotiones
  • Book for kids Pets
  • Book for kids Space - Scout Polizzotti
  • Book for kids Curious
  • Book for kids Spending Time Will and Cheerfully
  • Book for kids Alphabet

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    Work with Us

    We are committed to high-quality content and that only becomes reality when we work with talented creators with extensive knowledge of their fields.
    That is why Booka is always looking for talented authors, translators and illustrators. We work with a large team of talented freelancers, who create content for us, either in print, digital, video or audio format.

    If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch.