Books That Teach Life Lessons: 10 Meaningful Children's Books

Books that teach life lessons are a great learning tool for kids. Children’s books offer a window into the lives and experiences of others. As a result, kids can explore a wide range of circumstances and decisions without living through the experience. Thus, meaningful children’s books provide a valuable opportunity to expose kids to life lessons on topics such as inclusion, courage, perseverance, and more.

Below, we will examine some of the best topics and life lessons for kids. We will also share our list of the best books that teach life lessons and where you can find these meaningful children’s books.

How do books teach life lessons?

Books teach life lessons by offering children the chance to experience meaningful situations through the eyes of a character. The best books that teach life lessons leave a lasting impression by incorporating captivating visuals, engaging topics, and relatable characters. 

Meaningful children’s books are also powerful tools for teaching life lessons because they encourage important dialogue. For example, by discussing a character’s words, actions, and experiences throughout a story, parents can draw attention to the meaningful life lessons presented in a story.

What are some good life lessons for kids?

There are countless life lessons that kids will learn as they grow. But what are some good life lessons that can be taught with the help of meaningful children’s books? 

For many parents, the best children’s books that teach life lessons focus on characteristics and behaviors that make someone a “good person.” For example, life lessons about honesty, kindness, inclusion, respect, and sharing. It can also be beneficial to share stories that teach life lessons about good manners, responsibility, self-confidence, etc.

Want to expose your child to these important life lessons? Let’s take a look at some popular children’s books that explore these messages.

Top 10 Meaningful Children’s Books That Teach Life Lessons

Below, you will find our list of the best children’s books that teach life lessons.

1. Kindness Matters

Kindness Matters follows various animals as they interact with others. This meaningful children’s book uses colorful and engaging illustrations to explore what it means to be a good person and friend.

Life Lessons: Acceptance, Kindness, Inclusion, Sharing, Being a Good Listener, Positivity, Honesty, Forgiveness, Caring

2. My Shadow is Pink

My Shadow is Pink follows a young boy who feels like an outsider because he doesn’t like the “typical” things other boys like. But, with the help of his father, he soon comes to learn to accept himself - exactly as he is.

Life Lessons: Self-Acceptance, Courage, Diversity, Unconditional Love

3. The On-Again, Off-Again Friend

The On-Again, Off-Again Friend is one of the best children’s books that teach life lessons. This story follows Grace on her first day of school. We watch as Grace faces an unexplored challenge - her best friend, Jade, has a new friend that teases and ignores Grace. Very quickly, Grace’s Nana teaches her how to overcome this obstacle and what it means to be a good friend.

Life Lessons: Kindness, Friendship, Standing Up for Others, Change

4. I Can Do Anything!

I Can Do Anything! explores some of the everyday challenges faced by children. From learning to play soccer to making new friends, this meaningful children’s book helps inspire self-confidence.

Life Lessons: Hard Work, Understanding Feelings, Learning from Others, Self-Confidence, Trying New Things

5. I Am Brave!

As one of the best books that teach life lessons, I Am Brave! follows various children as they explore the world around them. From learning about animals to trying new foods, this children’s book touches on several important life lessons.

Life Lessons: Courage, Curiosity, Learning from Others, Trying New Things, Perseverance, Speaking Up for What’s Right, Making Good Choices

6. Cool Down

Cool Down explores helpful ways for kids to deal with anger. This meaningful children’s book uses captivating illustrations and sound effects to share strategies such as deep breathing, listening to music, and more. 

Life Lessons: Dealing with Anger, Processing Emotions, Remaining Calm

7. I Can Do It!

I Can Do It! is one of our favorite children's books that teach life lessons. The story follows various animals as they take on new challenges and explore what it means to persevere, even when things are difficult. I Can Do It! highlights various activities that require practice and patience - from sports to cooking.

Life Lessons: Perseverance, Facing Challenges, Trying New Things, Learning from Mistakes, Asking for Help

8. Stella…Almost

Stella…Almost is a story about having the courage to be yourself - no matter what others say. This meaningful children’s book follows Stella, a young fox who is picked on for doing the things she loves. But, with the help of her grandpa, Stella soon learns to follow her heart, even in the face of bullies.

Life Lessons: Self-Confidence, Self-Acceptance, Being Yourself, Following Your Heart

9. Helping Hands

Helping Hands is one of the top picture books that teach life lessons. This story follows Ocho, a purple octopus, as he explores the sea and helps others. But when Ocho needs help, who will be there? Ocho quickly learns the value of lending a helping hand.

Life Lessons: Helping Others, Kindness

10. The Not-So-Right Day

The Not-So-Right Day follows Milo, a young boy who likes to do things the “right” way. But Milo soon learns that his way isn’t the only way to do things!

Life Lessons: Individuality, Differing Opinions

How do you pick a good book for kids?

The most important element to consider when picking a good book for kids is the topic. The topic of a story should reflect your child’s interests and preferences. This is important because children are more likely to remember a life lesson if they can relate to the story and characters.

While selecting a fascinating topic is important, there are many other characteristics that make a good book. To learn more about how to pick a good book for kids, check out - What Makes a Good Children’s Book.

How do I find meaningful children's books?

A reading app for kids, like Booka, is the best place to find meaningful children’s books. 

Booka offers an expansive collection of children’s books that teach life lessons, including those discussed above. Best of all, with Booka, you and your child can read and re-read these books as much as you’d like!

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Thanks to Booka's extensive library of children's books, you can also find books with similar messages. This is helpful, as it allows parents to expose children to multiple stories that reinforce a particular message. To find similar stories, simply search for a topic using Booka’s search feature and explore the suggestions provided. 

Booka also provides easily accessible categories that will guide you in finding books that contain particular messages. For example, popular categories include cooperation, self-acceptance, bullying, different appearances, goal setting, and more.

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