Top 10 Best Audiobooks for Kids (+3 Great Family Audiobooks)

Is listening to audiobooks good for kids?

Listening to audiobooks is great for kids! Audiobooks allow children to learn anytime, anywhere. They also let children engage with stories that would otherwise be too difficult for them to read. As a result, kids can explore new topics, themes, and life lessons. In addition, audiobooks give children the opportunity to listen to a fluent reader. Hearing what fluent reading sounds like provides a deep learning experience that can positively influence early reading skills

To learn more about the benefits of audiobooks, check out – Benefits of Audiobooks for Kids.

Now, what about Read-To-Me books? Do they offer the same benefits as audiobooks? Let’s take a look.

Enhance the Benefits of the Best Audiobooks for Kids with Read-To-Me Books

First things first – what is the difference between audiobooks and Read-To-Me books? Well, an audiobook is simply an audio recording of a book. On the other hand, Read-To-Me books include an audio recording and written text.

Both audiobooks and Read-To-Me books allow kids to explore stories that may otherwise be outside their skill set. However, Read-To-Me books have the added benefit of allowing children to explore the written words that go along with the story. As a result, children can expand their vocabulary, build comprehension skills, and learn about the relationship between printed words and meaning. Read-To-Me books can also help children explore more complex ideas and topics and expand their imaginations!

Due to these additional benefits, many parents and teachers opt for Read-To-Me books over traditional audiobooks.

How to Find the Best Audiobooks for Kids

With endless options to choose from, finding the best audiobooks for kids can be difficult. So, to make your job easier, here are some essential factors to consider.

Look for an audiobook or Read-To-Me book that:

  • Includes age-appropriate content
  • Matches your child’s interests
  • Teaches a lesson
  • Has captivating and meaningful illustrations

Learn more about what makes a good children’s book here – What Makes a Good Children’s Book?

Keep in mind that with audiobooks and Read-To-Me books, you can select stories that are more advanced than what your child would typically read. By doing so, you will offer your child the opportunity to develop their vocabulary, word recognition, and reading comprehension skills.

Now that you know what makes a good audiobook, let’s explore the best audiobooks for kids!

The 10 Best Audiobooks for Kids

Below you will find a list of the very best audiobooks for kids. All of these books are available on Booka as Read-To-Me books.

1. Tamper Tabitha

This entertaining story follows Tabitha – a young girl used to getting what she wants. As your child observes Tabitha and her behavior, they will be presented with lessons about manners, compassion, and respect.

2. My Extraordinary Mum

My Extraordinary Mum follows an independent mom and her daughter. Together, they explore the world, try new things, learn life lessons, and find magic in ordinary places.

3. Go, Billy, Go!

Go, Billy, Go is about a boy named Billy who is determined to become a cheerleader, despite what others say. This Read-To-Me book addresses some of life’s biggest lessons, including how to deal with bullies and the importance of being yourself. 

4. Middle Me

Do you have a middle child? Middle Me explores what it’s like to be a middle child and the unique experiences that middle children face.  

5. The Little Fish Who Can’t Make Round Bubbles

This cute story follows Alfie, a little fish who can’t make round bubbles. As children explore the world with Alfie, they will learn shapes while undoubtedly having a ton of fun!

The Little Fish Who Can’t Make Round Bubbles is the first book in an early learning series created by Céline Lamour-Crochet.

6. The Chameleon Who Can’t Change Color

The Chameleon Who Can’t Change Color is the second book in Céline Lamour-Crochet’s early learning series. In this story, kids follow Leon – a chameleon who can’t change color! Through their adventures with Leon, young children can explore the rainforest and learn colors.  

7. Little Hoo Best Audiobooks for Kids

top 10 audiobooks for kids

Little Hoo is a series of books that will help your young reader learn various life lessons, including social-emotional skills.

Some of the top Little Hoo books on Booka are:

  • Little Hoo Has the Flu
  • It’s Not About You, Little Hoo
  • Little Hoo Goes Camping
  • Little Hoo Goes to the Beach

8. Family

Family is a Read-To-Me book created exclusively for Booka. This word book helps young readers learn about the members of their family.  

9. English Alphabet

In like Family, English Alphabet was developed by Booka as an early learning tool for young children. English Alphabet is a word book that will help your child learn their ABCs. 

10. Bear’s Bad Day

Follow Bear as he sets out into the forest to find friends. Not sure how to interact with the other animals, Bear soon finds himself being a bully. Bear’s Bad Day offers lessons about bullying and making friends and shows that even bullies can change!  

Bonus: Best Family Audiobooks

Looking for audiobooks and Read-To-Me books that the whole family can enjoy? Below are some of the best family audiobooks available. These books are part of a series called Family Snaps. This series explores the different challenges that families face in order to help children overcome common fears and difficulties.

Find these family audiobooks in a Read-To-Me format on Booka!

1. I’m Not Moving

Change can be difficult, especially when that change involves moving to a new place! I’m Not Moving is a story about overcoming the fear of change.  

2. Mom’s New Friend

It’s not always easy when a parent brings a new friend home. This story explores the idea of new people coming into your child’s life.  

3. Sheep in the Closet

This Family Snaps book looks at the shared anxieties that family members face and how children can overcome these worries.  

What is the best way for kids to listen to audiobooks?

Now you have a list of the best audiobooks for kids, but where can your kids listen to these audiobooks?

Booka is the best way for kids to listen to books! With a wide selection of Read-To-Me books, including those listed above, your child will have limitless learning opportunities and fun!

Best of all, Booka makes finding the best audiobooks for kids easy! Find the perfect book in seconds by exploring Booka’s complete library by topic, age level, or Read-To-Me books only.

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