Why Publish an eBook vs Print Book: 8 Reasons Your Next Children's Book Should Be Digital

Wondering - why publish an eBook? If you’re writing a children’s book, you’re probably contemplating why publish an eBook vs print book. Don’t worry - we’re here to help.

Today, many children's authors choose to publish eBooks because of their numerous benefits. In fact, eBooks for children are becoming more and more popular. But why publish an eBook vs print book? 

Below are eight reasons your next children’s book should be digital. Plus, we’ll share some of the top children’s eBook publishers.

Why Publish an eBook vs Print Book? 8 Benefits of Publishing an eBook for Children

Not sure whether you should publish an eBook vs print book? These eight benefits of eBooks will help you decide which option is right for you.

1. Why Publish an eBook? They’re Inexpensive.

One of the top reasons children’s authors choose to publish eBooks is that they are inexpensive to create and share. In fact, eBooks cost significantly less to produce and distribute than print books.

When creating print media, there are many costs that add up quickly. These costs include printing, binding, distribution, and labor (if someone publishes your book for you). Not to mention, publishers take a considerable fee for their services as well.

With an eBook, you can eliminate many of these extra costs. In some cases, you may be able to publish an eBook without incurring any significant upfront costs! So, when you’re considering why publish an eBook, keep this in mind.

2. Simplicity.

In addition to being less expensive, eBooks are also much easier to publish than print books.

Getting a traditional publisher to pick up your book can be difficult. On the other hand, you can publish and share an eBook at the click of a button! With eBooks, you just need to find a platform that will allow you to submit your work – and, voilà, you are officially an author! You’ll eliminate all the complexities of self-publishing or finding a legitimate publisher.

3. Environmentally Friendly

As society becomes more environmentally aware, people are seeking ways to do their part. eBooks offer an environmentally friendly alternative to print materials. Therefore, many readers are turning to eBooks rather than print.

You can contribute to this initiative by publishing your work as an eBook. First, by publishing an eBook, you create digital content that will help others reduce their carbon footprint. Second, you can minimize the use of paper products and other materials, as well as the destructive processes involved in publishing print media.

4. Another Top Reason Why Publish an eBook – Permanence

Sellers often feature print books during their initial release. However, after this initial introduction, they are removed from the featured selections (unless they remain a top seller). Thus, print books commonly experience peak sales only when they are first published. Unfortunately, this often means a pause in printing additional copies and an overall decrease in revenue for authors.

Digital books, however, do not need to be featured in a bookstore to get attention. Regardless of when you first publish your children’s eBook, parents, teachers, and kids will be able to easily find it by exploring interests, similar books, and keywords.

5. Popularity

With increased access to phones, tablets, and other devices, millions of people prefer the accessibility and ease of reading eBooks. As a result, digital books have become a billion-dollar industry!

To join this thriving industry, all you’ll need to do is create a great children’s book and publish it through a top eBook publishing platform like Booka.

Are you wondering how to write a great children’s book? Here’s what makes a good children’s book.

6. Accessibility and Convenience

eBooks allow readers to consume content when and where it is most convenient. On the other hand, traditional print books are more challenging to acquire and cannot be accessed at the touch of a button. Therefore, publishing an eBook for children will make your work easily accessible to millions of people across the globe! This is another excellent reason why publish an eBook vs print book.

7. eBooks Offer an Interactive Reading Experience

Publishing an eBook will allow you to create an interactive and enjoyable reading experience for all. For example, digitally publishing your children’s book will allow readers to change the font size and zoom in or out for their reading comfort. In addition, readers can quickly access a dictionary to look up new words. Plus, when you use Booka to publish your children’s book, your readers will also gain access to read-aloud options. This can be helpful for young readers, as it allows them to follow along with the text.

Another great answer to why publish an eBook is that digital books allow you to include interactive images and videos, as well as accessibility features for those with disabilities. eBooks are also an excellent resource for parents and teachers wondering how to help a child with reading difficulties.

8. Easy Edits and Updates

Want to make edits to your children’s book? With an eBook, you can easily make changes and updates, even after your book is published. This option isn’t available with print books unless you do a complete reprint.

Why Publish an eBook – How do eBooks make money?

Wondering how eBooks make money and how much you can make by publishing an eBook for children? Most eBook publishers, including Booka, Kindle Unlimited, and Storytel, use a flat subscription model. This model is profitable for many children’s authors and another great reason why publish an eBook.

Here’s how an eBook publisher like Booka will calculate your royalties.

Each month, Booka pools the revenue from app subscribers. The total number of reads of all titles for all publishers is calculated. Then, each author’s total reads are determined. This number of reads is used to calculate how much of the revenue pool they will receive for the month.

Here is an example:

Let’s say the revenue pool for the month is $10,000, and the total number of reads of all titles for all publishers is 2,000.

If an author’s books have 250 reads, their share of the pool will be 12.5%. That is, 250 / 2,000 = 0.125 (i.e., 12.5%).

As a result, their royalties are calculated as follows:>

$10,000 * 50% (the publisher’s revenue share, according to the agreement) * 12.5% (the author’s share of the revenue pool) = $625

So, is it worth publishing an eBook?

The short answer is – yes, it is worth publishing an eBook.

Why publish an eBook – what makes it worth it? Most children’s authors choose this option because publishing an eBook is much easier and more affordable than publishing a print book. By publishing an eBook, you can avoid the hassle of working with a traditional print publisher. And, in most cases, you can nearly eliminate upfront costs. In addition, with technology becoming a prominent part of people’s lives, eBooks are continually growing in popularity. Thus, publishing an eBook allows you to share your work worldwide! An eBook also offers your readers an interactive experience by allowing them to make adjustments to how they view (or hear) your content. As a result, eBooks provide a more enjoyable and inclusive reading experience.

Overall, eBooks are the way of the future and offer many benefits for children’s authors. Therefore, many new and established creators are choosing to publish eBooks vs print books.

Want to publish your own eBook? Here are some of the top digital publishing platforms you can use.

Best eBook Publishing Platforms for Children’s Books

Booka – Why Publish an eBook with Booka?

Booka is a popular reading app for kids. It offers thousands of children’s books, including original books made exclusively for the Booka app. Booka works with a large team of freelancers and independent authors to create engaging and high-quality content for young readers. Together, they make children’s books that are available in print, digital, audio, and video formats. Booka also offers one of the best payment structures for children’s authors.

To become a published author on Booka, contact us at support@appbooka.com.


Similar to Booka, Epic is a platform that offers access to over 40,000 books, audiobooks, and educational videos. With an award-winning digital library, Epic helps make high-quality books accessible to children around the world.

Unfortunately, this eBook publishing platform is not a great option for new authors. That’s because Epic only accepts material that has already been published with an established publishing house (i.e., the publishing house must have 50 or more published titles).

To publish your children’s book on Epic, you must meet the criteria above and have your publisher reach out to Epic’s publishing team. Alternatively, you can reach out to Epic yourself for consideration.


Pinna offers access to thousands of audiobooks, podcasts, and music for children.

Submitting your project for distribution on Pinna is simple. Visit their website, head to the Submission page, and create an account. That said, it is essential to note that Pinna only publishes audio projects. Therefore, you must convert your book to an audio file to submit it to Pinna for publishing.

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