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New Partnership with Book Dash to Bring Creative African Storybooks

Booka and Book Dash are pleased to announce a strategic partnership that will bring interactive African storybooks…

New Partnership with Caramel Publishing House

Booka is delighted to announce a new partnership with Caramel Publishing, an internationally…

We made the list for the best EBooks startups

26 Innovative EBooks Startups Worth A Follow In 2021

Booka 2020: Year in Review

From the very beginning, Booka has been empowering parents…

Booka – The Best Fun-Filled Learning App

Children’s minds should not be placed on hold because of the lack of necessary…

Booka App for Illustrative Learning and Fun

Several educational mobile apps offer numerous benefits to children, but the Booka app is simply the best to…

Booka Announces New Partnership and New App Version

Interactive and easy to use, Booka is a unique ebook…

Booka – Free Illustrated Books For Children

Do you wish to have the best educational app with wonderful books for your kids of all ages? Booka app is what you need

Booka has been nominated for an award for Best Mobile App

The Best Mobile App Awards

Booka Announces New Partnership with Red Chair Press

Booka is pleased to announce New Partnership with Red Chair Press. Their books will soon…

Best StoryTime Apps for Kids in 2020

Interactive and engaging, Booka has thousands of available titles for your kids to choose from. From popular…

Kids’ Books Goes Mobile with Booka Originals

Children’s ebooks distributor Booka launches in-house production of its own digital content for young readers and their parents

Three reasons to stay at home with your children: Booka reading guide

We all know that the best way to be safe during that anxious period is to stay at home. It’s ok, but how can we…