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Every week, we add a selection of incredible new books to our ever-growing library! Some of these engaging stories will bring natural history to life, others will help to learn about parts of the body, and our similarities and differences. Check out some of the newest books on Booka!

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Go Exploring! Asia

Author: Steffi Cavell-Clarke
Subject: Geography
Series: Go Exploring!
Continents and Oceans

Explore the world’s seven continents and five oceans in this fantastic, globetrotting series. Each book discovers one of the world’s continents and its surrounding oceans via detailed maps, engaging imagery and age-appropriate text. Readers will be able to identify the location, countries, landscape, climate and wildlife of each continent.

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Author: Emilie Dufresne
Subject: Science
Series: Opposites!

Beginner readers can discover opposites in their world with this colourful and interesting series. Adults can engage their young readers with pictures and questions as they explore the differences between things around them.

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Under Your Skin

Author: John Wood
Subject: Science
Series: Under Your Skin

Meet Seymour Skinless: your skeletal tour guide, here to take you for a closer look at what’s under your skin!
Let Seymour introduce you to your own insides: your brilliant bones, super cells, mighty muscles and beautiful blood as, together, you explore the inner workings of the human body: possibly the most amazing machine ever made!