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Top 5 Books for kids to embrace their Uniqueness

The books in this collection will help your kids in recognizing and embracing the qualities that make them special.

Let’s go digging!

What does Diplodocus eat? How do you hatch a T-rex egg? And was Pterodactyl actually a dinosaur at all? Packed with useful tips and tricks, you’ll be an expert dinosaur trainer in no time!

Books To Inspire Your Kids

Be bold like Boudicca, and sporty like Usain Bolt! This new book series will inspire kids to be whatever they want to be

Christmas Books for Kids

This winter collection comes packed with your favourite Christmas classics. Let your children share the joy of Christmas, and enjoy their favorite Christmas classics throughout the holiday…

Human Body Books for Kids

A simple overview of the human body, what it’s made of, and how things work. Fun characters, brightly colored illustrations, and silly rhymes can all make learning…

New Booka Books for Kids

Every week, we add a selection of incredible new books to our ever-growing library! Some of these engaging stories will bring natural history to life, others will help…

Best Books for Kids

Every month we collect the top of the best and most popular books among our readers. These books will guarantee to keep any child engaged with reading.