Winter Collection

All new Christmas classics for you to enjoy!

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This winter collection comes packed with your favourite Christmas classics. Let your children share the joy of Christmas, and enjoy their favorite Christmas classics throughout the holiday season with ease.

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Book for kids Wonderful Winter

Wonderful Winter

Wonderful Winter is written by Jennifer Marino Walters and is a fun-loving winter-themed children’s book that little ones will love this winter. A heartwarming story about a mother and her son enjoying the winter season, this book is perfect for expanding child’s vocabulary in an enjoyable way.

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Book for kids Celebrate Christmas

Celebrate With Me: Christmas

A step-by-step journey through Christmas all over the world.
Kids will learn all about the stories and traditions we follow, as well as all the tasty food we eat! Fun and conversational text-style to engage early readers and build confidence.
So come and celebrate!


Charles Dickens Christmas Carol audiobook for kids

A Christmas Carol

A timeless classic, ‘A Christmas Carol’ audiobook recorded by Blackstone. This edition will be loved because of its incredible voice acting and unique sounds.


Weather snowing book for kids

It’s Snowing!

Take a look outside – what can you see?  Are the trees covered in something white? Learn about wonderful weather in this exciting book!
Factual and informative style underlined by a friendly vector character matching the topic of the book to appeal to the younger audience.

This book is perfect for entry-level science.


Winter Alphabet For Kids ABC

ABCs on Skis

Learn the alphabet with a fun winter twist this Christmas with ABCs on Skis. This catchy audiobook is sure to be loved by young readers and will provide an immersive learning experience this Christmas.


Winter Season book for kids

All Year Around: Winter

Who wants to see what each season will bring? Snow in the winter? Let’s explore seasons!
A perfect introduction to the different and changing seasons for early readers.

Bright visual style brings the information to life.

Simple, easy-to-read text is perfect for beginner readers.


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New Collection

Human Body Collection

A simple overview of the human body, what it’s made of, and how things work.
Fun characters, brightly colored illustrations, and silly rhymes can all make learning about the human body more enjoyable (and less frightening).
All available on Booka.

Life On Us

Delve into the deep and dark forests of the scalp, or the toxic swamps of the gut, and learn about the creatures that live in and on this amazing habitat we call the human body. Learn about the helpful bacteria, the family of mites or fungal infection on the toes as our daring documentary team discover everything about life on us.

Under Your Skin

Meet Seymour: your super-smart tour guide, here to take you for a closer look at what’s under your skin!
Let Seymour introduce you to your own insides: your brilliant bones, super cells, mighty muscles and beautiful blood as, together, you explore the inner workings of the human body: possibly the most amazing machine ever made!

My Body, Your Body

People come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This series talks about all the ways in which our bodies are different and wonderful. Each book features an inclusive selection of people from all walks of life.

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