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We strive to create high-quality products and services based on advanced technologies so that the little reader gets pleasure and comfort from reading.

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Flexible working hours


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As our project manager, your job will be to coordinate people and processes to ensure that our projects are delivered on time and produce the desired results.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate internal resources and third parties/vendors for the flawless execution of projects
  • Ensure that all projects are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget
  • Ensure resource availability and allocation
  • Develop a detailed project plan to track progress
  • Perform risk management to minimize project risks
  • Establish and maintain relationships with third parties/vendors

Take on the responsibility for creating, editing, and managing instructional and educational content for our hands-on projects for kids of all ages, with a focus on science, art, creativity, and learning.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Review and revise content written by other writers
  • Prepare material for publications
  • Review story ideas proposed by staff and freelance writers
  • Review and edit drafts of books and provide commentary
  • Plan budgets and negotiate contracts with freelance writers
  • Carry out research and confirm sources for writers
  • Discuss projects with artists, typesetters, and layout personnel

Develop detailed plans for promotions in line with the marketing strategy. Analyze the target audience to determine the type of promotional offer that would be most effective.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Plan advertising campaigns
  • Interaction with bloggers and advertising platforms
  • Create, review, approve and revise copy
  • Approve changes to budget as needed
  • Work alongside product development team to incorporate promotions
  • Determine length and timing of promotions
  • Measure ad effectiveness and optimize if needed