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We strive to create high-quality products and services based on advanced technologies so that the little reader gets pleasure and comfort from reading.

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Flexible working hours


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Please include in your cover letter relevant links presenting cases and accomplishments at your previous jobs.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Developing a mobile app promotion strategy;
  • Media planning, target audience analysis, calculation of the advertising budget;
  • Managing mobile app promotion channels (ASO, Apple Search Ads, Facebook, Instagram, myTarget, Direct, Adwords);
  • Boosting the visibility of apps in the AppStore and Google Play;
  • Hypothesis testing and determining the optimal promotion strategy;
  • Finding and testing new formats and sources of mobile traffic;
  • Launching and managing ad campaigns with the help of targeting and search advertising tools;
  • Analyzing and optimizing ad campaigns;
  • Keeping weekly reports;
  • Organization of remote work of designers, copywriters, and advertising agencies.

Please be prepared to complete the pre-employment test assignment and present your successful projects to prove your PM experience.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Leading a team of developers, designers, testers
  • Hiring contractors for mobile app development;
  • Supervising the implementation of tasks and the work of staff (deadlines, quality, workload);
  • Task tracking and refinements control;
  • Approval of the proposed architectural solutions and design techniques;
  • Managing communication between project participants.