Top Picks For Your Kids

Every month we collect the top of the best and most popular books among our readers.
These books will guarantee to keep any child engaged with reading.

Why Do I Wear A Mask?

Author: Madeline Tyler
Subject: Science
Series: Why Do I…?

Have you ever wondered why we wear masks?
What makes us cough and sneeze?
How do masks help stop you getting sick?
Wearing masks is important – read this book to find out why!

How To Hug A Cactus

Author: Emily S Smith
Illustrator: Aleksandra Szmidt
Subject: Emotions

A young girl explores the possibilities of hugging her
most favourite plant, a cactus. With a little help from
her family members and a gardening guru, she tries a
number of solutions to help solve her prickly problem,
all with varying degrees of success.

There’s a Shark in the Loo

Author: Sharon Boyce
Illustrator: Suzanne Hughton
Subject: Problem Solving

Shark in the Loo is a laugh out loud story about a cheeky Shark who shows up unexpectedly in the bathroom on birthday party day.
Mum, Dad and the party girl herself try all sorts of crazy ways to clear the house before the party guests arrive, and of course all their attempts are unsuccessful. In the end, the family must accept the additional party guest, who turns out to be a larger than usual extra mouth to feed.